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New App Allows Self-Isolating Homeowners To Submit Photos And Videos Of Household Repair Needs & Obtain Quotes From Top Local Contractors.

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While self-isolating, many Canadians have discovered there are more than a few odd jobs that need to be done around the house. The tap dripping in the kitchen that they never noticed until they had to hear it all day long, the leaking toilet they don’t know how to fix or the broken tile they keep tripping on; they’ve all taken on a sense of urgency. In the age of COVID-19 and self-isolation, many are unwilling to bring in teams of contractors just to get a quote for repairs. Enter Esta, a newly launched picture messaging platform that allows Canadians to obtain free, on-demand quotes from top-rated local professionals. 

The app’s launch comes at a time when safety is of paramount concern and unemployment rates are at a record-high. Bringing trust and transparency to the process of finding and hiring professionals for all types of home services is Esta’s primary goal. 

The app’s platform allows small business contractors to bid for jobs they specialize in, bringing them much needed employment income, all while homeowners, renters or property managers get the benefit of reviewing quotes from the safety of their own home. Once a bid is accepted, contractors who are taking all possible precautions against the coronavirus, can make arrangements to conduct the repairs.

Esta debuts with over 50 categories of home services including essential services. With the new platform, home repair professionals can show time and cost savings while they access leads and compete for bids. By reviewing the details of what needs fixing via the Esta app chat and video feature, home service professionals can gain much-needed insights into any home project.

“Our vision has always been to generate employment opportunities for people with unique talents. The Esta platform facilitates this process in two ways. First, it empowers homeowners to schedule job requests from the top 10% rated professionals when it is needed. Second, it creates job opportunities for small businesses to continue to grow through access to unlimited virtual job leads within their local area.” says Femi Oloruntoba, Founder & CEO at Esta Technologies.

About Esta Technologies Inc.

Esta is an on-demand home service platform for any project. Through our picture messaging platform, we aim to connect people to lasting solutions by matching users to rated professionals for any home services. Users can download the Esta app for Consumers or the Esta Pro for Professionals from the App Store. 

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