Now that you are an NYSC graduate, then what?

Now That You Are An NYSC Graduate! Now What?

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About 20 years ago when I was preparing for high school, I recall sitting with my dad to discuss my future aspirations. I remember his facial expression when I told him I wanted to be a farmer of vegetables for further on. Not to say this is a bad choice, but I was clueless about how the world works yet fearless in my convictions. While my dad appreciated that I was at least thinking about the future, I could sense his apprehension about my choice. He was probably thinking why not engineering or banking?

The reality is, for most kids growing up with African parents, with few exceptions, your future professions were probably pre-determined before birth. Typically, you go through high school, then a university or vocational school, and finally, a compulsory NYSC time period post-graduation. The end goal is securing a job after the NYSC service!

The real beginning

Now that you are an NYSC graduate, then what? I agree with Jeff Immelt, that “life” begins when you graduate. Time to get to work! Time to earn revenue with your acquired skills! But where are the jobs? Here are three categories to consider.

  1. Convention methods-the most common way to find jobs is to identify open roles in the desired industry, explore job referrals options or leverage social and political networks to find hidden roles and secure one! 
  2. Embark on high risk, high reward new ventures journey. Find a problem to solve, and get at it. You will fail more than you can count but persist enough with guidance, innovative thinking and luck, you stand a chance for success. 
  3. Offer services across on-demand services like Esta. The advantage of a platform like Esta, a one-stop solution for home services is that you can grow your business, build a sales pipeline and put your professional skills to work immediately through the Esta app! As a professional, homeowners can request quick estimates for any home project, then agree on a price and schedule the job!

So, if you are where I was as an NYSC graduate and asking a similar question about jobs, I hope you find this useful! To learn more about Esta, visit


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