Home Maintenance Tips: 3 ways to get organized for any project

Home Maintenance Tips: 3 ways to get organized for any project


Every day, millions of people buy or sell homes across every corner of the world. Most first-time homeowners consider this as a dream come through while for others, perhaps a transaction towards financial rewards or something in between. Like me, one thing we all have in common is that we love our homes and have the wish to maintain or improve the aesthetic value of our place of zen. As I reflect on my struggles to find a quick handyman service for my first home project, I wish I had known some useful home maintenance tips to ease the process. It was clear I needed to connect with licensed and trusted professional contractors on-demand.

From routine maintenance on emergency preparedness safety measures such as fire and burglar alarm systems to repairs and comfort based improvement projects like kitchen/bathroom upgrades, electrical wiring, roofing and decking or plumbing projects, homeowners can stay ahead and reduce their total cost of ownership on home maintenance. The frequent question I hear every day is how can I get started? What are the periodic checks necessary for old and new homeowners? How can I streamline my home maintenance with my busy schedule? Here is a simple way to get organized.

  1. Get a home maintenance checklist and register critical routine dates. Checkout, NAHB and this New York Times article, as a solid start, to get you organized
  2. Consider a friend and family referral or mobile on-demand service for vetted/trusted home contractors like the Esta app
  3. Explore at least three job bids for any home projects

So if you currently have a maintenance routine or in the process of developing one, I have found these simple home maintenance tips useful as a busy professional with work and family commitments. I hope you do as well for your home project.

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